Saturday, October 22, 2005

Last Words 21 Oct 2005

We survived it together! With much blood, sweat and tears...

We love our Angel, don't we, Mrs M?

Thanks, babes, for being there for me. You are real sweethearts!

Chian Ru, we can always write to each other. Good for grammar eh lol?

Leng Lui, you're absolutely the coolest. Stay YOU always :)

Bobby, oops, Lay Yan, you are finally growing up haha. Put that charm to good use alright?

Su and Darfina, don't stop smiling now... :)

Stella, remember to laugh more lol

Yong Cun, one day you'll even LOOK like the gentleman you really are deep down inside

Rashidi, remember - a joke must be funny...

Tasha, you are much loved :)

Thank you, guys, for everything. I'm gonna miss you all *wipes away tears*

My dear macho "men", thanks for all laughs!

Ivon, yo, chat online yah?

Faidzal, I'm gonna miss arguing with you... NOT lol

Qiong Yao, pei fu pei fu


Blogger Mdm R said...

awwww... i miss them :(

Coming to school will never be the same again.. no yong cuns.. no pings.. no su siens..

9:08 PM  
Blogger blobbes said...

me too :( most of them anyway lol

9:33 PM  

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