Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our First Potluck 7 Sep 05

Ting, armed with a green pepper. Beware....

Ingredients for Stir-Fried Lay Yan with Assorted Vegetables

Chee Kang... "Ow, your flash is hurting my ear..."

Suet Ni, Clairin's much-appreciated assistant chef

Yong Cun... Wah so capable...

Wilson, concentrating on his veggies

Clairin... "Mmmm, can you smell that?"

Lay Yan.. Massaging the chicken

Me, looking after Chloe's pasta

Desmeow, asking for advice

Ting, fainting from hunger

Kathleen and Chloe - K and C Catering Co.

The whole spread, yummy!

The obligatory shot of Clairin

Clair and Chloe, another C&C team

Ooh check out those nose hairs...

Mrs M and Clairin, a spontaneous moment

San ge mei nu

Clair and Desmeow.... Where are your whiskers, Cat?


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