Sunday, September 25, 2005

Post-Prelim Karaoke 23 Sep 05

Hanxiang and Wilson.... Peace, bro...

Ah Pui stunned by the flash

Wilson, having a good time

Suet and Ah Bong... Can lah, can qualify to be air stewardesses

Suet on lead, Lay Yan on backup, Chloe thinking "wtf?"

Lay Yan and Kang in a compromising position!

Me... Looking happier, no?

Suet, Ah Bong and Ah Pui... Who's singing? Why's everyone so bored?!

Lay Yan... peacock or cockatoo?

Clair and Ah Bong... "Sexy Naughty Bitch"?

Comrades Chee Kang and Desmeow

Hanxiang... "Take this mic and stuff it..."

Uh, Mrs M, you're facing the wrong way...

Ting Ting and Chloe...leung gor leng lui

Clair and Suet... Snuggly moment :)

Ms W and Suet... Another set of twins, gasp!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

One Moonlit Night (Mid-Autumn Festival 05)

Getting all prepared

Ting Ting's favourite lantern

Many hands make light work

Ah Bong with a cheesy grin

Ambience siol

Eh cute lah

Got mood hor, Wilson?

Alright, which voyeur took this photo?!

Eh not fair - voyeur, you got a smile!

Orh, trespassing... and see which teacher is the gang leader!

Ting... "Ok everyone wo dang dao you! Follow please..."

Wilson and Wei Song... Never too old to play lantern...

Taking revenge on the coin-swallowing vending machine

It's never too late for a basketball game

Friday, September 16, 2005

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf West Mall 15 Sep 05

Our adorable guest today

Who's cuter eh?

Awww a tender moment for Clair

Look at that face!

Look at these faces!

Kang Kang must learn to smile

Oh... you're not paying me any more attention?

No, not even you?

Mrs Zaki's Birthday in the Art Room

Happy Birthday Mrs Zaki!

Mr Zech Goh in a familiar pose lol

Mrs M wondering how she's going to finish all that cake

Mdm Ang, all partied out!

Spot the outsider :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf West Mall 12 Sep 05

This photo took six attempts, believe it or not :)

Eh, san ge mei nu again!

What a dorky haircut! It will look better in two weeks' time...

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Sojourn to Marina Square 7 Sep 05

On our way... who's the mysterious person lurking in the corner lol

Chloe and Clair... "Aren't I the cutest?"

Chloe and Clair... "Oh yeah we're happy to be shopping"

Clair... "C'mon I'm cuter than that model right?"

Clair and Chloe... Got milk?

The 3 Cs - One coffee later, we're good...